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Leadership Mastery

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Wake up and lead in a way that gets you the results that have eluded you...let Mary Pat Knight help you get on the right path to Leadership Mastery!

In a few short weeks, I will be launching Leadership Mastery - 90 days to create the business and personal leadership to generate quantum results.

I want to make sure you have the first chance at taking advantage of this.

This program is the exact same program that I have delivered onsite with my corporate teams that has created transformational and masterful results for thousands.

There have been so many requests for those who can't travel to an onsite program AND from those who have already studied in person with me who want to refresh and build their skills. They have said, "PLEASE offer this in a virtual format."

Request granted!

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We are only offering this to our most loyal VIP Subscribers.

- Mary Pat Knight

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We specialize in helping people like you . . .

  • Diagnose & avoid Corporate Drama
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  • Develop Influence and Impact
  • Lead their teams to desire & drive results

Meet Mary Pat Knight

Drawing on her C-level leadership development experience, Mary Pat leverages Emotional Intelligence in corporate training and executive coaching in all key business areas. She has been fortunate to have leadership positions in every functional area of business, including sales and marketing, human resource development, strategic business planning, general management and operations. Along the way, she has left a tide of emotionally intelligent and business-ready leaders in her wake. This leaves her uniquely qualified to speak your business language and grow your leadership ability at the same time.

Mary Pat helps leaders find their passion and develop their leadership skills. She equips leaders to fix broken teams, jar them from their leadership ruts and reinvigorate disengaged employees.